The Mythic Imagination Creative Writing Workshop at Anam Cara

Adam is running  "The Mythic Imagination Creative Writing Workshop" 10 through 16 June 2017

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Creative Writing Workshops (

Adam is running a new course from the page and dates 29 April - 6th May.
This unique retreat provides a unique chance to enjoy a truly different perspective as we look in on the land from our home at sea and comprises a week on-board our 65' yacht with award-winning poet and playwright Adam Wyeth, author of two books Silent Music (2011) and The Hidden World of Poetry: Unravelling Celtic Mythology in Contemporary Irish Poetry (2013), and just ahead of the publication of his third book The Art of Dying.

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Creative Writing Retreat Valencia


The Art of Dying

Adam Wyeth's forthcoming book, The Art of Dying is due out with Salmon Poetry this October.
From mountain pass to storm-tossed seashore, from Barcelona to the Drakensberg, these new poems by Adam Wyeth feature journeys both witty and surreal. There is much that is busy transforming here, from kitchen to ice-rink; rock to hatching egg. In the richly imagined Talking Tree Alphabet, a birch tree becomes Marilyn Monroe holding down her skirt, while the blackthorn is a ‘ravaged whore’. At the heart of the collection, the still point around which the energies flow, is a boy’s relationship with his father, the absurd indignity of death, and the ceaseless unfolding of the generations: ‘An ancient vellum/ where the next life is written’. Language, the raw material of the poet who shapes and makes sense of the world, is celebrated without forgetting the humble source of it all, Yeats’s foul rag and bone shop, or ‘thorns/that draw blood and score the heart completely’ (from ‘Gorse’). Dancing on the edge of civilization, preferring the energizing potential of dream and myth, Wyeth’s is a refreshing new voice on the Irish poetry scene. Katie Donovan

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The Art of Dying by Adam Wyeth

Book Reviews

'Wyeth is a beachcomber on the edge of his own infinities, where fact, legend and anecdote flow together" HARRY CLIFTON

'Strong and moving...'


Creative writing courses (Big Smoke Writing factory)

Adam also runs various day Creative writing courses at the Big Smoke Writing factory.
The Big Smoke Writing Factory has been profiled in The Irish Times, theSunday Business Post, on Mind Your Business (RTE radio 1), Newstalk radio (including the Why We Write documentary series), and Near FM. Read More

Creative Writing Courses at The Big Smoke Writing Factory



Creative writing courses (The Irish Writers Centre)

Adam runs Creative writing courses at the The Irish Writers Centre.
The Irish Writers Centre has long been a hub of literary activity, supporting established and aspiring writers throughout Ireland from its base at the heart of Dublin's cultural quarter. It is a non-profit organisation, a registered charity, with the remit of promoting Irish writers and literature at home and abroad. Read More

Creative Writing Courses at The Irish Writers Centre



The Hidden World of Poetry

Adam Wyeth's forthcoming book, The Hidden World of Poetry:Unravelling Celtic mythology in Contemporary Irish Poetry, is due out with Salmon Poetry this Autumn.
"The Hidden World of Poetry" is a unique book, for poetry lovers and for readers new to poetry, that unravels the many rich and varied ancient Celtic legends through contemporary Irish poetry. Read More

The Hidden World of Poetry

Book Reviews

'A gifted commentator/close reader. "A hearer and heartener." Seamus Heaney

'Wyeth's book gives sharp and shrewd readings of contemporary poems, revealing mythic and folkloric underpinnings that might not be immediately obvious to the non-specialist reader.'
Patricia Monaghan, Author of The Encyclopedia of Celtic mythology and Folklore.



Adam has developed a series of online creative writing and Poetry courses, where you can improve your writing skills through one-to-one exercises. No previous writing experience is necessary.

Having enrolled on the course, the tutor emails the first unit and tasks to the student. The student returns the task by the agreed time and receives feedback and a new task. Read More

Online Creative Writing & Poetry Courses

How much time do I need to allocate to a course?

There will be writing exercises or suggestions to work on every week. The amount of time required to complete the tasks varies greatly from student to student. Many of our students do work full-time and our courses are tailored accordingly.

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