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A life in a day of Desmond O'Grady and soundeye are two documentary films by Adam Wyeth. You can see clips from these films below.

Documentary Films by Adam Wyeth

An experimental film on experimental poetry

Directed by Adam Wyeth
In 2005, when Cork was the European Capital of Culture, Adam Wyeth filmed Soundeye, an annual International Poetry Festival.

Soundeye is a 92 minute feature documentary that takes you on a modern day odyssey through the landscape of poetry. With a great range of original music from Cork-based composers and musicians, the film is interlaced with poems and interviews with many poets, including Charles Bernstein, Mairead Byrne, Yang Lian, Maurice Scully, Fiona Sampson, Nathanial Mackey; as well as interviews with festival directors, Trevor Joyce and Matthew Geden.

The film shows poetry to be many things: humorous, political, surreal and thought-provoking. Post 9/11 and filmed during the July 9th bombing in London, many poets tackle political issues such as the war on iraq and "terrorism" setting a film noir tone that is current and compelling.