Short Films by Adam Wyeth
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Adam Wyeth Biography

A life in a day of Desmond O'Grady and soundeye are two documentary films by Adam Wyeth. You can see clips from these films below.

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Documentary Films by Adam Wyeth

A Life in a day of Desmond O'Grady

A life in a day of Desmond O'Grady is a 30 minute documentary by Adam Wyeth and Keat Walsh. Wyeth directed A Life in the Day of Desmond O'Grady, which premiered at the Cork International Film Festival in 2005.View sample clips below.

Poem By Desmond O'Grady

Poem By Desmond O'Grady

Poems By Desmond O'Grady

"Desmond O'Grady is one of the senior figures in Irish literary life, exemplary in the way he has committed himself over the decades to the vocation of poetry and has lived selflessly for the art."